Jeremy Rodgers - Musican, Songwriter, Producer, and Author

Jeremy is a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and author, who has played in many bands on the East Coast for decades. He has recorded albums with The Dreamscapes Project, Chelsea McBee, and Slow Creek, among many others. His first solo album, Darkest Hour, was released in 2014. His second album, Ugly Old Suit, was released October 2016.



He currently leads his own band, The Helltown Riffraff. They are finishing up their newest album, Dismal Hollow Rd, due to be released fall of 2018.


Inspired by blues, country, funk and gothic music from all genres, he has gained a reputation for making dark, menacing, but morbidly humorous music, sung with a slightly gravelly bass baritone and occasionally accompanied by his partner in crime, Lani Urreta.


His first novel, Gretchen, was released in 2016. His illustrated set of poems about creepy children, The Namers, was released in October of 2016. His second novel, Hagar, was released in July of 2017. His third and latest novel, Isaiah, was just released in July of 2018. 

I am probably forgetting things that should be in a bio. I'll rewrite this occasionally, especially if given feedback.

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