It was the middle of town, in the middle of June

He was looking for a way to nowhere in the afternoon


He was standing by the road, greasy thumb in the air

He was standing by a cardboard sign saying anywhere


He had a long white beard, and crazy blue eyes

He had camouflage pants and a tshirt that said apologize


Cars were speeding on by, noone even slowed down

They probably saw the rusty chainsaw laying on the ground


It was resting on a bag, about 3 feet wide

It was lumpy and black and had a pinstripe running down the side


I pulled my car to the curb, with my window rolled down

Said I can take you as far as the edge of town


He threw the bag in the back, and took a seat beside me

He didn’t say a word but had the chainsaw resting on his knee


He kept looking at my head, I kept my eyes on the street

He said you have the nicest skull and your hair smells sweet


I now knew what was in the bag, and with a smile on my face

I turned down an old dirt road to my special place


It was pretty deep in the woods, with burnt cars all around

A little bit of nowhere to keep all the bodies that are never found


I slipped the needle in his neck, as I slipped the car into park

The chainsaw hit the dashboard when I made the headlights go dark


With the gas can from the trunk and a lighter in my hand

I started up a blaze to rid the world of a dangerous man


You see I find them all the time by the gleam in their eyes

I take them down one by one so no one innocent dies


Now I’m walking down the road, blackened thumb in the air

Time to buy a brand new car and go driving somewhere


Copyright 2016

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