Still Water

I can see my love there

She lies in the still water

And when the sun comes down

My love won't be around


I took my love up the mountainside last may

We said no words as we walked along the way

She took my hand and pleading looked at me

No words could change my heart it hurt so bitterly


A flask of wine we shared and her glass filled with tears

She spoke of all the good times we had throughout the years

I sat in silent stillness, no drink could warm my heart

The devil loose inside me was tearing me apart


Sobbing drunk she drifted asleep beside of me

So wronged in shallow eyes, I knew how to be free

I gently carried my love to the shore of the mountain lake

And pushed her in the water before she could awake


I held her head so deep and watched the bubbles grow

A muffled crying came up to my ears from below

I sat upon the bank there and drank up all my wine

My lover's time had come so soon it would be mine


Copyright 2016

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