They Say

They say he worked for the government

In the shadows of statues and monuments

Earning all the little perks there for a while

But he wanted more than a paycheck and a smile


They say he kept it all to himself

His hunger for every book up on the shelf

Out on his moss covered porch he sat every night

With an empty whiskey glass and an old flashlight


They say he only ever had one love

A beauty that we could only dream of

It ended when he was a young man years ago


They say he traveled around the world one time

Sailing a ship he bought with his last dime

Finding his way back home with a brand new start

To an empty house and a worn down broken heart


They say he gave all he had to life

Leaving no kids behind or widowed wife

Just the peeling paint on his old front door


They say they buried him on sacred ground

Named a street for him in his hometown

Remembered by powerful men more than you'd think

They whisper his name once a year and have a drink


They say you make the mark you want make

But death gives so much less than what it takes

And all we are in the end is what they say


Copyright 2016

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