Ugly Old Suit

Will they think of me In this ugly old suit

I'm stiff as my collar And shiny as my boot

Makeup to hide my New pale colors

And a big wooden box That cost 3000 dollars


Walking past me With their frowns and their sobs

While they think about the day They have off from their jobs

Humbly they brag About the flowers that they brought

Saying they were my favorite Even if they were not


May the dead never know

What a party we throw

May they never hear the secrets and lies

May they have no doubt

May their money run out

Just in time to miss how we act when somebody dies


Fancy old jackets With dust on the shoulder

A dress that fit fine Before they got so much older

Music so dreary Even the preacher is bored

But his sermon is short So they all thank the lord


Then out to a field With some nicely carved rocks

And six foot hole For my shiny new box

Then it's just me And my friend with the dirt

Thank god I am free And can never be hurt


Every last relation

Every eye on the will

Every denomination

Every funeral bill

Every tearful handshake

Every disputed keepsake

It’s going on still


Copyright 2016

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