Under These Stars

Most exciting thing in a young man's life

Is to ask the girl on his shoulder to be his wife

Basking in a haze of kisses and booze

On a green hilltop with nothing to lose


When she said yes he flew up so high

Passing the planes and birds that were flying by

Touching back down to lay by her side

Couldn't stay still no matter how he tried


Under these stars and the moon above

Under these stars we learn about love

Under these stars we dance and play

Under these stars we fade away


Some years later he is a family man

Taking nighttime drives whenever they can

Climbing that hill in the family car

Teaching his kids how small we are


Planting a tree with his first born son

On the old hilltop they all had some fun

Marking that trunk with a pocketknife

Keeping a record of a real good life


When the last days came she was first to go

He haunted that hill and made some flowers grow

Laying in the grass looking up in space

Wanting one more time just to see her face


Copyright 2016

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