Your Place

Since the first night in the hospital

Bouncing your head on my chest

Never felt complete, the naps in the seat

Always calm when you were upset

You always had your own place

And each mirror I look inside

Always see emptiness in my face

Without you here by my side


Every time I close my eyes

Everything reminds me of you

Christmas eve and father’s day

Don't know how I made it through

So tell me what are you up to

And how are you feeling right now

Your place is waiting here

Please let me show you how


And I hope that you think of me

And wonder just what could have been

I know that one day you'll wish I could stay

The hell is in not knowing when


How long can a person be punished

For the mistakes of his youth

What can I do to fix my sorrow

and bring me back to you


Copyright 2016

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